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Glow Run

YL Glow Run Presented by the Matt Schmidt Faith Foundation

Young Life Glow Run from Young Life Green Bay on Vimeo.

This year the Young Life Glow Run has a “Presenting Sponsor” for the first time. The Matt Schmidt Faith Foundation has jumped into that role. What’s incredibly special about this is that Matt Schmidt was originally a Young Life kid and eventually a Young Life Leader (see photos below). Matt passed away in a tragic car accident on March 30th of this year (obituary).

When Matt moved back to Green Bay, he reached out with interest around how he could reconnect with Young Life. God had been working in his life and he wanted to share his life with youth in Green Bay. We connected him to a young adult group who were exploring what it meant to be Young Life Leaders and he eventually stepped into the role of being a volunteer leader. He served in this role until his job needed him to work 2nd shift as a supervisor which conflicted with his being available to kids when they were out of school. Matt missed being in that role formally, but maintained an informal connection to Young Life both organizationally and with kids.

Matt’s family has shared with us that his favorite run of the year had become the Young Life Glow Run. Established in 2014 as an incredibly fun event that not only was a great time for participants, but created a space for Young Life kids to work and earn money toward their experiencing Young Life Camp themselves. Just like Matt had done in high school. While the race was an “untimed fun run” Matt was always pretty amped up and ran it so fast that he finished in the top couple spots both years. Matt had a gift for embracing what he cared about. He loved running and loved Young Life in Green Bay. The Glow Run was a great fit for him.

It’s an honor to have the Matt Schmidt Faith Foundation as our presenting sponsor for the Glow Run. We feel like it’s a natural partnership and will be part of carrying on Matt’s legacy. Matt made a big impact through his life and we are excited to see that impact continue through this awesome relationship.


Matt (front left in white) in 2006 as a camper at Young Life’s Timber Wolf Lake.


Green Bay area students at high school Young Life Camp in 2014. Matt, now a YL Leader, is right in the middle behind the back row in “the background” with a big smile on his face. This picture was taken in almost the exact same place as the 2006 photo.

Glow Run Details:

The run/walk/dance is June 18th, 2016 at 8:45pm. It starts at Green Bay’s City Hall and ends on the CityDeck by Hagemeister Park!

New this year ~ Youth Pricing ~ Kids 12 and under can register for just $15

Go to for all the details and to register!

Registration includes:

  • Entry fee to Glow Run
  • Event T-Shirt (see design on right)
  • Complimentary beer or soda at the finish line
  • Entry to the 101 WIXX After Party

Highlights for this year’s event include:

  • Best Glow Group Contest ~ Win a Wing Party from Hagemeister Park
  • DJ TeK is back again all the way from Minneapolis to spin the best dance music around
  • Glow Accessory Giveaways
  • Crossfit Green Bay Fitness Fun Zone ~ Earn glow accessories!
  • New glow & music zones added to an updated course design so you experience even more fun!!
  • Temporary Tattoos are back with a new design!!
  • Start time of Glow Run moved to 8:45PM so we get even more glow power

And….we’re adding more every day!

The best part…100% of the proceeds from this event directly helps local Green Bay Area middle and high school kids so they can have “the best week of their lives” at Young Life Camp!

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General Young Life Updates

Quite a Year

Hope.HOPE. It’s a word that has both significant and cheesy overtones. We toss the word around and it becomes interchangeable with the word “wish”. I hope/wish it will not snow today. In this sense it’s a word left to chance. For me the word HOPE has a more significant meaning. It means that a path can be seen to take us to what’s next. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we can get there. It’s tangible. It’s real. It’s attainable. It’s not a wish left to chance.

When I inject the word HOPE into what is happening with Young Life in the Green Bay area here is what comes to mind:

  • Kids see their future as bright.GT4A0180
  • Kids not only see a bright future, but they see it with Christ at the center of it.
  • Struggling families are being restored.
  • Younger brothers and sisters are looking up to their older siblings that are involved with Young Life and can’t wait until it’s their turn to be part of what God is doing in and through it.
  • Financial donors are intimately connected to what is happening in the lives of kids. Their support is less transactional and much more relational.
  • We hired Jenae Weyer as our Associate Area Director. The future is bright!
  • Our middle school ministry is growing rapidly under the leadership of Jorge Gonzalez and Jenny Perez.
  • Kids are building relationships with other kids across boundaries that separate us like socio-economics, race, and ethnicity.
  • More kids are having access to Young Life experiences like summer camp because of the generosity of people and smoother systems allowing kids to earn those resources.
  • More and more kids being matched through Young Life Mentoring. Deeper transformation is Young Life Mentoringtaking place in their beautiful lives.
  • New volunteers are rearing their heads from new sources.
  • We are on the cusp of starting new ministry in the special needs community.
  • People in new communities are reaching out asking for conversations about how to start Young Life in their community.
  • and the list can go on and on…

We want to thank you for your support and advocacy for all that is happening in kids lives. Without YOU there is no Young Life. Without YOU there is no HOPE.

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Lax and Marriage
Food For Thought

Lacrosse and Weddings

Recently Amy and I drove to Minnesota for a wedding. This wasn’t just a typical wedding though, it was a special wedding. I had been asked to officiate the marriage of a former Young Life kid (now in his 30’s). When he was in high school I was also his lacrosse coach. We had been though a lot. His closest friend and teammate tragically ended his life. It was beyond shocking as he was the captain of the lacrosse team, loved by all that knew him, and was full of life. Over 3,000 people attended his visitation.

As you might guess, this season of life was a difficult one for all of us. I was a young(er) man in my 20’s and I was in way over my head in this situation. In the moment I reached out to many of my trusted mentors asking for wisdom and guidance as to how to lead so many hurting people through such deep pain. We held a community forum for kids to gather and grieve. I shared a reflection at the funeral and had the honor of being a pall-bearer for that amazing young man. Not to over-use the sports metaphor, but I “left it all on the field” that spring. Our team grew close through the experience. Young Life grew as kids were seeking the Love that only Christ offers. It was a meaningful response to one of the most traumatic things we had been through up to that point in our lives. That June, exhausted from the intensity of that tragedy plus a run at the state lacrosse championship that fell a goal short, I retreated to a friends cabin in Ely, MN on Burtside Lake for 13 days of near-solitude. I spent the days reading scripture, journaling, laying on the dock under the sun and stars. I emerged renewed in mind, body and soul.

The wedding weekend was beyond “fun” for me as many of the young men on that team, now all grown up, some with wives and children, gathered to participate in this day of marriage. We told old stories as we relived glorious moments (we went on to win the next 2 state championships). Not surprisingly, the most significant conversations that took place were about those days of loss. The pain that it carried for each of us that walked through it. Stories of their resulting escape through increased drug-use, unhealthy relationships, and physically running-away as coping mechanisms were shared with the clarity that only years of introspection can offer.

Eyes welled with tears on many an occasion throughout the rehearsal, wedding & reception. We were so very happy for our friend who was getting married and so very grateful for one another. I told Amy that I felt like a lottery winner all weekend as so many of those guys shared verbal thank you’s with me for the personal and spiritual leadership I was able to muster in those days and the years that have followed. In that moment, I was just a coach that seemed to care. Many of them now know what actually fuels me each day, to do what I can to allow as many people to experience the love of Jesus through my life and those I have the privilege of leading.

Young Life Leaders walk through the laments of this world alongside kids and ultimately we get to lead them to the well of living water (John 4:1-26) where they have the opportunity to drink. Kids across the Green Bay area are responding to that opportunity all the time with their Young Life Leaders. We get to live out the calling that God has placed on our lives and occasionally He gives us a little peek on it’s impact on those he has called us to share our lives with. The relationships that we create are authentic and not part of a program. Our prayer is that they last far beyond high school graduation for a lifetime. Thanks for your part in making Young Life possible in Green Bay.

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General Young Life Updates



Jenny Perez, Student Staff, at a pre-season Packers game with some middle school students this fall.

There’s a new vibe floating around the Young Life office this fall.  It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what that vibe is, but the best way to label it would be to call it “team”.

1.5 years ago we gathered members of our Executive Committee, members of our staff, and volunteer Young Life Leaders for a strategic planning process. One of the major action items that came out of that process included hiring an Associate Area Director. This role would be a direct extension of my (Kirk’s) role as the Area Director. We wanted to move our area from being “good” to “great”. Amazingly, we found the perfect person for that role right under our noses.

Jenae Weyer had been involved  with Young Life for over 8 years as a volunteer Leader with us. She was currently working with Child Protection Services for Brown County, but was open to exploring a staff role with us. After a thorough interview and discernment process, we offered the role to Jenae and she accepted. Her first day with us was August 24th and she has already been an incredible contributor on our team. Jenae entered a 2 year training track and will be heading to New Staff Training in January for a week for intensive training. We can’t wait to see how God will use her as we both deepen and widen our impact across the greater Green Bay area.

We have had the privilege of having Jorge Gonzalez be on staff with us leading our middle school ministry around Washington and Edison middle schools for the past two years. Jorge was in a special training program where he was able to continue as a college student, but also be trained through what is called the “Latino Initiative”.  Jorge flew to southern California/Arizona 5 times over those two years to gather for training with other students in the training program. That time proved to be incredibly valuable for him and he graduated from the program in May. Jorge is continuing on staff with us as Student Staff as he completes his education and is working with both our middle and high school ministry on the East side of Green Bay.

Following in Jorge’s footsteps is Jenny Perez. We first got to know Jenny as a Young Life kid, then volunteer Leader, and now she’s a student at St. Norbert College and has entered the Latino Student Staff Initiative as well. Jenny is working with Jorge as they both lead our middle school ministry on the East side of Green Bay.

Our staff is rounded out with two incredible people. Wendy Hill has been our Office Coordinator for nearly 4 years. The skills that she brings to the team are immense and appreciated by everyone that comes in contact with her. More than her skills, her faith guides her every day and she is a strong spiritual force on the team. Heather Faulkner has been in her role as the Mentor Coordinator for about 1.5 years and has really stepped into a flow where she leads Mentors and Mentees through an incredible process of growth. Heather has been involved with Young Life in Green Bay for over 10 years and is also a spiritual force to be reckoned with. In addition to her role as the Mentor Coordinator, as a volunteer she leads our Preble/East Young Life Club with passion and commitment.

While she’s not on staff, Amy Foote, adds incredible value to the team as a volunteer. He schedule allows her to be at our weekly staff meeting and her 17 years of Young Life experience in both staff and volunteer roles brings incredible depth and insight to both the direct ministry and Executive Committee sides of Young Life. Amy is also mentoring Jenny Perez in her Student Staff role. Even better, I get to be married to her!

So, you add this incredible group of people to an already potent group of volunteers and you end up with a pretty powerful group that define “team”. They care deeply about middle and high school students in our community. They are giving their lives away as they lead youth toward Christ and I am thankful that I get to be part of it. Look out Green Bay, this group might just give the other big team in town a run for it’s money!

by Kirk Foote, Area Director, Young Life Green Bay

General Young Life Updates

Our Volunteer Leaders Are Great…BUT We Need More!

It’s the time of the school year where our Young Life Clubs are wrapping up, fundraising for Young Life Camp is reaching a fever pitch and we start to see signs of transition on our teams of volunteers. This year is no exception. We have a few leaders that either have or will be transitioning to a new season of life and we are full of mixed emotions. We are thrilled that they are heading in the direction that God is taking them, but sad that some great people will no longer be in direct contact with kids in our community. Their reasons for transition are hard to argue with…moving to Hawaii, going back to school to become a math teacher, having babies, and new jobs in new places. Therefore we are in need of more people to join our teams!  Here are a few of our needs:

  • Leaders for our Bay Port Young Life Club. Do you live in the 54313? While it is possible to be a great Young Life Leader and not live in the zip code of the students you serve, it is MUCH EASIER to do it when you live right down the street.  This is incredibly true in the Howard-Suamico area. If you live in this area and would like to know more about what it looks like to become a Young Life Leader, please let us know and we can set up an informational meeting with you.
  • A Team Leader for our new Young Life Club that is working with special needs students at Green Bay East High School. We had 2 “pilot” Clubs this spring and they were a huge success. We plan on making this Young Life Club a permanent fixture to our Area this fall. We are in need of a point person as well as dedicated leaders to connect with the students at East High.
  • Potential Leaders that live in other communities. We’d like to add new communities next school year, but the primary road-block to achieving that growth is finding volunteer Young Life Leaders that live in those communities. Let us know if you live in Ashwaubenon, Oneida, West or East side of De Pere, Green Bay’s West side, etc. Our experience has shown us that if we gain grass-roots momentum in a community, it’s hard to stop the startup of something new.
  • Leaders for our East Side High School Club. The students that attend this Club primarily attend East, Preble and Minoka-Hill schools. Are you in the 54301 or 54302 zip codes? If so, consider joining this team of awesome people!
  • Mentors. Our new Mentor program is getting rave reviews from both students and Mentors. Our Mentor Coordinator, Heather Faulkner, is amazed by how great this is going. We need more mentors to match with kids across our community. Let us know if you are interested in learning more.
  • Teachers & School Administrators. We love Young Life Leaders that are teachers! You’ve already been trained on how to work with students. You’re already in relationship with students. You’re often trying to figure out how to integrate your faith in Christ with your calling to teach. Teachers across the country are discovering that Young Life is the perfect intersection of those two important pieces of your life.

Let us know your interest by filling out the contact form below or by calling our office at (920) 434-5854.

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This year marked our first attempt at a 5K run to help kids earn money toward Young Life Camp. It was a great night in downtown Green Bay as nearly 800 runners took to the streets and the Fox River Trail for a great night. Thanks to all that ran in the Young Life Glow Run!
Glow Run

Why Run The Young Life Glow Run?

If you turn on the radio, there is a 75% chance you are going to hear an advertisement for an upcoming road race. There’s the “Tough Mudder” the “Color Run” and the list keeps on going. What makes the YOUNG LIFE GLOW RUN different than all the other runs? CHECK OUT THIS LIST:

  1. The “CAUSE” is the most important part about the run. You are helping kids get to Young Life camp this summer!
  2. It is beyond FUN.
  3. You can eat a hot dog WHILE YOU’RE RUNNING!
  4. You can mix it up MID RACE at the CrossFit Green Bay station.
  5. There is a spot to do the CUPID SHUFFLE right on the race course!
  6. We have the best DJ (DJ TEK) and the best MC (PAT SCHORR, formerly of Shaker and the Egg) of any race in the area to keep the party rolling!
  7. Three words: GLOW STUFF EVERYWHERE!
  8. The WIXX AFTER PARTY on the City Deck is crazy fun and the city’s letting the party go 30 minutes longer this year!
  9. DOWNTOWN GREEN BAY is alive and well and is a great place to start and finish the race. Enjoy the city before and after the run!
  10. LOCAL KIDS get to see YOU pumped up, having fun and supporting them at the same time. It’s a Win-Win-Win!

If you’re on the fence and aren’t sure if you should run or not, let me be the one that nudges you to take the risk on having one of the best nights of the summer with us. Even if you’re not a “runner” this is the race for you. Yes, you can run with blazing speed and finish quickly, but you can also walk/jog/dance you’re way through the entire race course at your leisure.

Bottom Line: The Young Life Glow Run is seriously the place to be on June 20th. Yes, we know that there is some big concert in Lambeau Field that night. BUT, if you’re not going to be there, why sit at home wishing you were somewhere else when you can come out, get in a good run/walk, and have this much fun!

We can’t wait to see you! There is a $5 discount if you register before midnight on May 22nd! There is always a $5 discount if you register as a team of 4 or more.

Find us on Facebook, on our website, or go straight to to register!

Middle School Young Life

Controlled Chaos

By Jorge Gonzalez – Student Staff, Young Life Green Bay

Have you ever been to a party and everything looks fun but you’re really not having any fun? I have and its no fun when parties are fun-less. I’m actually not the party type of guy. I won’t dance when there’s music. I probably won’t smile much at parties unless there’s really good food. Parties are supposed to be fun, right? Well, here at Younglife, we know how to party AND have fun.

Now when I say party I am not talking about consuming alcohol or a “dirty dancing” kind-of party. No, I am talking about two words that have never made sense to me until I experienced a Young Life Club. Those two words are: Controlled Chaos. I am talking about people that come over to where we are having Club and ask us “What is going on in there?!” Young Life Club is changing the kids that we get to hang out with on these special days. We make sure that these “parties” aren’t fun-less. Our goal is to make sure kids keep coming back with more of their friends.


It all starts with kids coming in and running into some leaders that are ready to get down & crazy with them. There is music blasting and for the moment there is some funny dancing going on. The games are the craziest because it can go from reversed charades to wrapping someone in toilet paper to crawling on your hands and feet with a clothes pin in your mouth picking up doggy treats and racing to put them into a bowl. I’m telling you, it is THAT awesome. It doesn’t end there though. After all the chaos the kids get to hear about Jesus and we get to pour into their lives a positive message and possibly a life-changing one to some. That is controlled chaos. That is what our “parties” look like. We have very diverse group of kids that come to us and each and every one of them are at a different stage in life.


We get the opportunity to see kids smile, laugh, goof off, interact with other kids and watch them have fun throughout this time. It’s a moment when I have to sometimes hold back tears just because we don’t know how much fun these kids are actually having in life. I love what the scripture tells us

“Young people, it’s wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do.” Ecclesiastes 11:9 (NLT)

It is so awesome that even God’s Word says that we should enjoy our youth. We are not telling kids to go out and do whatever they want because they are young. But they will be kids and that’s how you and I are here today, because we’ve made some poor decisions when we were younger and yet we had some people help us have a good kind of fun along the way. We come in that “But remember” part of the scripture to try and guide kids into having fun without dealing with being drunk, going out clubbing, being promiscuous, using drugs, or anything provocative. We get to love kids, walk with them, and share our experiences with them.

Kids respond because they want to continue to hang out throughout the week with us and we get together to play video games, go watch movies or just hang out and drink hot cocoa. There’s more to club than just fun. It is only the beginning and it only gets better each time we knuckle-heads get together. So the next time you’re driving by 614 Forest St. (where our middle school Young Life Club meets) and you hear loud music and see kids outside and lights, maybe you should stop by just to ask “What is going on in there?!”


Jorge Gonzalez is on Student Staff with Young Life Green Bay. He leads our middle school ministry on the East side of Green Bay. Jorge is also part of a 2 year learning community called “Latino Student Staff”. Over the course of 2 years his learning community gathers 8 times for training in Los Angeles, CA or Phoenix, AZ.  Jorge has a great leadership team here in Green Bay that care deeply about middle school kids. Please be in prayer for him and his team of volunteer Leaders as they share their lives with middle school kids. You can reach Jorge at